Helix Wiring Drawing Dies

wire drawing dies specifically suited to your needs.

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Infinite variety. We build custom stock especially for you.

At Heli-Die, we specialize in producing wire drawing dies specifically suited to your needs. Our computer controlled die making equipment gives us the flexibility to provide an infinite variety of sizes and shapes. We manufacture our dies from tungsten-carbide. They have been utilized to draw both ferrous and non-ferrous metals.

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Rotary die-box

Heli-Die's rotary die box is unique to the industry. It allows a die to spin freely, governed by the helix designed into the die. It's a precision ground die shaft, supported in angular contact bearings with spray mist lubrication. This increases the bearing life. The purchase of our die box always includes technical operating Instructions for your implementation.

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Heli-Die has proudly been in business since 1985.

Principal/Owner: Wolfgang Hillinger

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